Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Before You Move Checklist!

Before The Move

Utilities and services should be canceled. All other companies you normally do business with should be notified that your address is changing. Collect all of your mail for a few months prior to the move so that you can see who sends you mail regularly.

Make sure you have plenty of boxes and packing materials (tape, bubble wrap, etc) and start packing in the most
complex rooms in the house (like the kitchen).

Utility Checklist:

☐ Power company
☐ Water/Sewer service
☐ Gas company
☐ Telephone service
☐ Security company
☐ Cable or Satellite
☐ Trash collection
☐ Internet service

Notify the following of your new address:

☐ Place of employment
☐ Post office
☐ Insurance companies
☐ Credit card companies
☐ Social Security Administration
☐ Health and Benefits plans
☐ Investment accounts
☐ Magazine subscriptions
☐ Professional organizations
☐ Family
☐ Friends

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